Friday, July 25, 2008

Obamamania's geography

Let's see, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel, Germany, France; that now get's him to the 57 states he's visited.

Looking at the crowds he drew, he should pick up 200-225 electoral votes from those states alone.


Eric said...

why did you not levy this same attack against mccain in march gordo?

hypocrisy much?

gordon gekko said...

First, I've blasted McCain numerous times. You would know that if you would actually read through these posts.

Second, I love how you liberals show up on this blog to comment on a two sentence snark or some typo but don't have the balls to actually debate on a serious issue.

Third, I've been to your site. It amounts to written blow jobs on one of the candidates and it's not McCain.

The day you want to come in and actually advance the discourse, please do.