Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to turn your franchise around

ESPN interviews John McDonough, President of the Chicago Black Hawks, on eight things to change when turning around a pro franchise.

Lot's of good ideas but I think he forgot the key ingredient in turning around a horrible franchise. In the Black Hawks case, Bill Wuertz, the owner, died. His death actually paved the way for someone else to actually change the operation. People actually cheered when he died.

So I guess the only way for the Bengals to actually change things around one Mike Brown, owner of the Bengals will need to die. His lasting legacy is that people will probably cheer when he bites the dust. Nice legacy.

But then, maybe we ought to cheer when a guy who's stolen $800 million from the county dies.


Right Runner said...

Yeah, but Katie Blackburn has the ol' man's genes and she probably isn't any better than Mikey Boy when it comes to wanting to win.

On the other hand, maybe she can't wait for Mikey to take a dirt nap so she can unload all this publicity and live a life of quiet luxury.

We can only hope.

gordon gekko said...

I'm actually hoping that when Mike dies, they'll be forced to sell the team as the Robbie's did in order to pay the estate taxes.

If they don't, I'm hoping Katie will realize what mental midget they are and bring in some professional help as the Irsay's did in Indy.