Sunday, September 14, 2008

The wind beneath my wings

The wind was fierce here, near the Gekko compound. I couldn't tell if the wind was from the Bengals sucking or blowing.

None the less, our home avoided much of the wind damage many of our neighbors had.

My office, not so lucky. The roof I was hoping to replace next spring is going to get replaced this fall and an exterior door I just bought will need replacing. Regardless, I still consider myself lucky as we witnessed the damage in the surrounding communities.

On a Bengals front... when does college basketball season start?


ja said...

What are your thoughts on firing Marvin Lewis?

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about the Bengals tie in with your blog. It would seem that Mike Brown's totalitarian control of the team, combined with the heavy local government involvement in paying Mike Brown to stay here, has resulted in 18 years of futility. I would think an analogy could be drawn between performance of the Bengals and the performance of socialism.

gordon gekko said...

Frankly, firing Marvin is futile if all you're going to do is replace him with yet another yes man to Mike Brown.

As I always, say any coach who would take the Bengals job is a loser.

And yes, the Bengals are the epitome of all things socialistic.

Ben said...

Sam Wyche comeback?