Thursday, July 09, 2009

How liberals leach off of conservatives

A few years ago, I was dating a liberal woman who lived inside the Cincinnati Public School system.

Our relationship was serious enough that we talked about raising kids and all that. What stuck with me about our conversation was our conversation on public schools.

Her "I wouldn't want to send our kids to private schools, I'm a supporter of public schools."

Me "Really, you mean you'd send your kids to CPS?"

Her "No, I'd probably move to Lakota or Sycamore schools."

So even though she was fabulously liberal she wanted no part of the school systems she and her liberal pals managed to turn into large piles of digested White Castles.

But she had absolutely no problem seeking refuge for her kids in Redville where conservatives make sure their public schools keep their kids one step ahead of illiteracy.

I tell that story as a pretext of a liberal relative who was giving me a bunch of crap for all the guns I own.

You know, I'd have a lot more respect for a liberal if they put one of these signs on all of the entrances to their home.

But they won't. Why? See criminals can't really tell if the owner of that home is a red neck, gun toting NRA member or a passive wimp just from the look of their home. (although the Obama sticker on a Prius in the driveway should give some criminal a clue).

As a result, liberals make out from having conservative, gun toting, god fearing neighbors.

What about free speech? You know liberals love to utilize their free speech rights but do next to nothing to ensure their protection. They benefit from all those largely republican military men and women who do all the fighting for them.

And think about all those Islamic terrorists who love bringing down buildings in this country. Did you ever notice they weren't out to bring down a shopping mall in Dublin, Ohio. They look to take out American decadence in our largely blue cities.

If they were to impose Sharia law around the world who do your think they'd look to stone first?
  • the GLBT team
  • media members
  • NOW members
But once again, it's those cavemen military types who ultimately protect the very people who wouldn't lift a finger to defend themselves.

Of course, you could also mention the largely democratic welfare deadbeats who suck the tit of hard working conservative types.

So I'd like to proclaim July 10th Buy a conservative a beer day. It seems to be the least you could do for all the ass carrying we do for you guys. Because one day, John Galt's going to start getting a little tired of listening to your crap while he's pulling your rickshaw. It's closer than you think.


Anonymous said...

Another example is those two US journalists who got caught coming too close to the North Korean border. Now they are sitting in a wetched labor camp for 12 years.

I take no great pleasure in seeing our fellow citizens in a horrible prison camp. What I do find interesting is that, being journalists, they are probably anti-military lefties. They also probably got caught up in the concept of investigative journalism in the bubble of western culture, where *not* advocating the assasination of GW Bush would get you kicked out of the press club.

They forgot who they were dealing with in NK. That guy is horribly ruthless and he found two greenies that he was able to pull back into his lair.

Now these two are is a real jam, and they have appealed to the US government to use "diplomatic" measures to secure their release. Obama and Hillary have "objected strongly" to this capture and have implored for their release on humanitarian grounds. Al Gore is trying to get them out.

When will the journalistic community admit that all this diplomacy would be a huge joke if the US military (yes the RED US Military) didn't have their backs?

To some liberalism looks good on paper. But without a foundation of conservative principles, money, work ethic and standards, it wouldn't have the chance to be tried.

gordon gekko said...

Great comment.

It's always amazed me that journalists tend to be lefties. Especially when the first people lefties look to eliminate are the journalists.

You don't even need to look at Castro and Chavez just look at what the obamunists are doing to the press to ensure compliance.