Sunday, January 03, 2010

Life in "Progress" City

From the Empire City of New York, who hasn't had a conservative run the city since the Indians vacated......

So you're putting together your municipal budget knowing you have a budget crunch. You probably prioritize your spending on the important city services

Police - check
Fire - check
Roads - check
Brochures aiding heroin users - check.....

Here's the latest smack on taxpayers.

The city spent $32,000 on 70,000 fliers that tell you how to shoot heroin, complete with detailed tips on prepping the dope and injecting it into your arm.

The Health Department handout has outraged New York's top drug prosecutors and abuse experts.

"It's basically step-by- step instruction on how to inject a poison," said John Gilbride, who heads the Drug Enforcement Administration's New York office.

"It's sick," said City Council member Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Queens)

"Foolish," said Columbia University drug researcher and treatment expert Dr. Herbert Kleber.

The 16-page pamphlet features seven comics-like illustrations and offers dope fiends such useful advice as "Warm your body (jump up and down) to show your veins," and "Find the vein before you try to inject."

It even encourages addicts to keep jabbing if their needles miss the mark.

"If you don't 'register,' pull out and try again," it says.

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Anonymous said...

Would we not expect this information with legalization? Cart before the horse or cart with no horse?
Doug Coughlin