Sunday, January 03, 2010

Members of media not exactly Mensa members

Why is crime going down despite the economic downturn?

The Washington Post comes up with all kinds of nonsensical reasons...........

If only we knew exactly why and how it has occurred. An accident of demography? The passing of the crack cocaine epidemic? We're inclined to credit policies that put more brave and dedicated cops on the street, with better technology and smarter tactics. Still New York City continued to rack up lower homicide rates in the past decade even as its police force shrank by 6,000. New York officials say that city's tougher gun laws have helped; yet Houston also recorded a drop in homicide in the first half of 2009 despite loose gun laws.

Tougher sentencing probably took some career criminals off the streets -- though there's little evidence that the death penalty deters murder. No doubt new lifesaving medical techniques turned potential homicides into lesser offenses -- yet aggravated assault is down, too.

Government at all levels spends much time and money figuring out what's going wrong in our society and how to fix it. Perhaps we need a bigger effort to determine what's been going right in the fight against violent crime -- and to spread that knowledge to every jurisdiction in the country.


Maybe someone at the Washington Post needs a clue as to what the 80/20 principle is.

In this case, it means that 80 percent of violent crime is committed by 20 percent of criminals. For decades of coddling this 20 percent of degenerates (one the failures of social engineering), common sense finally prevailed and we actually started keeping more of these miscreants in jail. Hence, felons committing fewer crimes.

But for the dumb asses who seem to take pride in being "journalists", the cause/effect quotient seems to elude them.

And these morons wonder why people aren't all that interested in what they have to say.

More here if you can check your brain at the door.....

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"Ninety percent of the time, good people don't need governed and bad people can't be governed."
Sheriff Bell

People don't change much. It's The Officiating!
Doug Coughlin