Sunday, January 03, 2010

Democrats kill hope for DC parents

Maybe a liberal out there can explain to me how "choice" is so important when it comes to abortion but when it means getting your kids out of disgusting schools, not so much.....

This is big government at its finest hour. The Democrats have officially killed a successful private school voucher program banishing more than 3,300 low-income children back to the DC schools they so desperately wanted to escape. The Heartland Institute reports:

The leaders of D.C.’s school choice movement, Kevin P. Chavous (former D.C. Councilman) and Virginia Walden Ford (executive director of D.C. Parents for School Choice), today issued the following statement:

“House and Senate Appropriators this week ignored the wishes of D.C.’s mayor, D.C.’s public schools chancellor, a majority of D.C.’s city council, and more than 70 percent of D.C. residents and have mandated the slow death of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program. This successful school voucher program—for D.C.’s poorest families—has allowed more than 3,300 children to attend the best schools they have ever known.

The decision to end the program, a decision buried in a thousand-page spending bill and announced right before the holidays, destroys the hopes and dreams of thousands of D.C. families. Parents and children have rallied countless times over the past year in support of reauthorization and in favor of strengthening the OSP.

Yet, despite the clearly positive results and the proven success of this program, Sen. Dick Durbin, Rep. Jose Serrano, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, and Secretary Arne Duncan worked together to kill the OSP. Funding the program only for existing children shrinks the program each year, compromises the federal evaluation of the program, denies entry to the siblings of existing participants, and punishes those children waiting in line by sentencing them to failing and often unsafe schools.

[emphasis mine]

The Democrats have effectively ended the voucher program. Obama only extended it into the 2009-2010 school year. He could have done more. He didn’t. Underpriveleged children–whom the Democrats oppress “protect” from the greed and injustices of the Right had a chance to gain the social justice and fairness Obama continuously touts in his speeches.


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Anonymous said...

This once more makes a point about the true intention of the left, and it has nothing to do with helping the poor. It is 100% about power.

Public schools are education's version of the "public option". In the health care debate we supposedly need the public option to provide competition to the private sector. The result is millions of parents that will do just about use any option to get their kids out of public schools. So what's the socialists' answer? Fix the schools? Nope. Cut off the options. Force them into the public system.

This is the plan for the health system too. Bring in a public option, then cut off the oxygen to any private alternatives.


You do gooder libs need to realize that your democratic party compromised YOUR ideals for THEIR power, oh, about 30 years ago.

The only way for this to end will be when the poor come to the realization they are being used like 2 bit whores by the democrat power elite.