Saturday, November 13, 2010

more government budgetese

So Hamilton County decided to make up the pay to workers who had to take a five day unpaid furlough during the year......

Hamilton County Recorder Wayne Coates said Happy Thanksgiving to his 25 employees a little early this year when he ordered in a Bob Evans turkey lunch and then handed out checks equaling five days' pay.

Coates said the pay - totalling $19,505.98 - makes up for the five furlough days each employee had to take in the first half of the year to balance his $1.5 million budget. To do that, employees weren't compensated for holidays.

"These are not bonuses," Coates said, "It was their money, nothing that wasn't owed to them."

Coates, a Democrat elected in 2008, said he took the money from planned for - but unused -- unemployment benefits.

Now I'm going to translate this from governmenteese to English..........

The taxpayers ended up paying the same amount for five fewer days of work.

It's good to be the king.


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Anonymous said...

The furlough days were holidays off, not unpaid work days. So the county did get the same number of work days from these employees.