Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who did he vote for? #14

This one is "R" rated based on content.

Why is Noah Smith in the news?

A CBS News affiliate reports a man was found naked by Oconee County Deputies, apparently drugged and with a mouse in his rectum during a burglary call.

The affiliate, WCSC, reports deputies responded to Bernwood Cricle after a resident complained of a burglar. They found Noah Smith, 31, face down and naked in the doorway of the victim’s home, WCSC reports.

WCSC reports deputies roused Smith, who slapped one of them. Deputies shot Smith with a TASER which had no impact on the naked man.

Smith ran into the victim’s bedroom while backup arrived, according to the affiliate’s reports.

Smith fought with the deputies even after being pepper sprayed and hit with a police baton, WCSC reports. They say his head had to be covered with a blanket to prevent him from biting officers and had to be hog-tied, shackled and tied to a stretcher when EMS arrived.

WCSC says EMS took Smith to the hospital where medical professionals found a mouse tail hanging out of his anus. An X-ray showed an entire mouse in his rectum.

He told the doctors and nurses he couldn’t remember what happened to him, WSCS reports.

Now this one may be more difficult because if Noah can't remember how a mouse got into his anus he probably doesn't remember who he voted for this past SC gubernatorial election.

But give it a try. Did Noah vote for Nikki Haley or Vincent Sheheen?


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Alvin Greene