Friday, December 10, 2010

The difference between adolescence and adulthood

One of the qualities of your average liberal is the "I don't care" attitude you'll find in a child.

Consider, the liberal take on these issues.

We can't move prisoners from Guantanamo because it creates a national security risk. the liberal response? "I don't care!"

Passing health care will be an American job killer. "I don't care!"

And now we have a liberal base who's response to a tax increase that could cause a double dip recession is more "I don't care!"

Unfortunately, we now have a president who campaigned on this "I don't care" liberal tripe but now he's actually got a job that requires he be an adult. No more showing up "present" on this one.

Bad news for him is that all the fans from his former cub scout troop can continue to be babies and it will be up to conservatives to save them (and more importantly the country) from themselves.

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