Friday, December 10, 2010

Like advice from a divorced marriage counselor

During my first marriage, we went through four marriage counselors. I always thought there was a certain irony that all the people we went to for advice were all divorced.

I guess that would have made sense if they would have imparted the wisdom of their mistakes on us but rarely did these clowns actually own it.

None the less, I'd no more take relationship lessons from an expert at failed relationships than I would take job creation lessons from Jennifer Granholm.............

More than 609,000 jobs disappeared during Gov. Granholm's eight years in office, and Michigan lead the country with the highest unemployment rate for 49 months. Now, she is giving advice to the country … about how to create jobs.

Granholm served as a guest op-ed writer for the national news site POLITICO. Saying the nation needs a "moon shot" jobs strategy to create 3 million new jobs, she used as an example Michigan government's recent bet that the lithium-ion battery industry should be cultivated with special treatment and favors from state government.

Granholm wrote: "If the states are the laboratories of democracy, Washington can take a lesson from what is happening in Michigan."

Politico Opinion Editor Allison Silver explained Granholm's selection in an e-mail: "I do think those facts about Michigan's high unemployment level and major job loss are fairly well known. Most everyone has followed the implosion in the auto industry. That is one reason why the information about this new battery seemed interesting."

But other national experts question whether Granholm is the one to be offering advice on job creation


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