Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is spending the GOP's global warming?

A really great piece and probably right on the button after the GOP let's the ethanol subsidies into the recent tax deal.

See, no one believes the Democrats on Global Warming. Why? Because they live in big houses, fly on their private jets, and consume more than the average aggregate of a third world country.

Liberals aren’t using outhouses. They drive Hummers. They have fleets of submarines. They cool their homes. They are, in short, unserious about the Cataclysm That Is Upon Us.

So, we don’t take them seriously and go about living our lives.

The Republican version of The World Is Going To End, has been spending. And, for once, it’s not hyperbole. The United States is in a very precarious financial position.

Will Tax Cuts help America? Yes. But the bill before Congress is not a tax cut, it’s an extension of the current tax rate. Keeping the level the same only prevents things from getting worse.

And then, there’s some nice sweet pork in the bill–that’s spending for all us common folk.

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Anonymous said...

I'm liking the lame duck compromise less and less. I'm coming around to Jim Demint's way of thinking. If they can't get a clean bill passed without truckloads of pork and giveaways, let it ride to the next congress. I had misgivings about the unemployment extensions anyway, loading the bill with add ons would be a mistake.

The real conservatives need to keep their spine.