Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life in "Progress" City - LA edition

From the city of angels, where there hasn't been a conservative run the city since Gog decorated his first cave with some animal drawings out of mammoth blood.

New stand-alone fast food restaurants have been banned from setting up shop in South Los Angeles, due to rising health concerns by the city council.

How many fast food eateries does one area really need? The Los Angeles City Council thinks South Los Angeles and South East Los Angeles need new choices as these regions face an over-concentration of such restaurants.

"This is not an attempt to control people as to what they can put into their mouths. This is an attempt to diversify their food options," said councilmember Jan Perry.

Riiight..... how is it that the people who are most inclined to preach choice when it comes to baby carvings seem to deny choices for everything else?

Denying your choice for a big fat Carl Jr. burger?

Now that's "progressive"!

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