Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Choo Choo

The City of Cincinnati released it's route for the upcoming light rail line they'll be wasting taxpayer dollars on.

Whenever I need traffic for the old blog there's a few things I can post on that will generate traffic no matter what. And apparently, there's a ton of people who like to google "cincinnati light rail" so they troll and espouse the benefits of rail traffic within the city of Cincinnati.

Given that, I know there will be light rail proponents checking out this blog.

So I propose a challenge to all of you Thomas the Tank Engine obsessed proponents.

Will you be willing to bet your life savings against mine that this rail system will do three things?

1) Come in below budget
2) Exceed rider projections
3) Not need more taxpayer support than originally projected

I'm more than willing to bet everything I have (and more if I had it) that none of these things will come to fruition.

If you are a proponent of the rail why won't you take me up on this? Because in reality isn't that the gist of this whole project..... A bunch of people with no skin in the game using someone else's money on a monumental capital works gamble?

If they lose, who cares? Right? These people will scurry under the baseboards like cock roaches when the lights go on.

And when they lose who will be picking up the tab? The very people bitching about how this was a loser from day 1.

Fortunately, people like me who have seen the lunacy of large municipal government for years, won't be picking up the tab. They've already moved from this farce a long time ago. Which is why our cities are populated with a bunch of free loaders instead of hard working, taxpaying, citizens.

And that's why a tony rail system won't do anything to slow down the Detroitization of our once great and proud cities.

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Anonymous said...

It's a good thing they didn't put the line through the worst part of town. I haven't lived in Cincinnati in 5 years now, but from watching "Police Women of Cincinnati" it doesn't look like much has changed. At least the land in OTR will be cheap to buy--real estate owners are probably lined up around the block to dump their property.