Friday, February 18, 2011

Give us more of the chubby

I think this guy gets it on the conservative love for Chris Christie even though he's far from a tried and true conservative.........

So why and how -- in this age of supposedly rigid litmus tests -- has a man who is firmly in the middle right become a right wing hero? Easy. It's the attitude, stupid. If you look closely, what you have to conclude is that conservatives are not so much aching for an arch-conservative as they are someone who is not afraid to boldly proclaim the conservatism that he/she does believe in -- and not afraid to focus on the most immediate problems.

As even far lefty Eleanor Clift had to admit in the Daily Beast, Christie is playing well due to his "heft and swagger, both physical and intellectual."

Give us a 70% guy who is true to himself and who is going to stand his ground for that 70 over a 90% guy who will sell out half of that to stay friends with the media and the lobbyists and the precious "independents."

As we watch all the protests going on in Madison, Columbus and the likes, here's the one thing I hope the republicans are catching on to "Why cozy up to groups who will never support you no matter what you do"?

These union thugs are never going to support republicans plain and simple. Any yet, historically the GOP has always seemed wishy washy in backing the items conservatives know to be true. It has been maddening.

It appears that Chris Christie has pushed the republican party into a place where they can no longer retreat into wussyhood.

It's been a long time coming.



Anonymous said...

He's blazing a trail. Conservatives would rather have a choice between solid left and solid right and lose than a choice between far left and middle left, with the middle left candidate winning.

That's because if both candidates move left, the left has already won before the first vote is cast. People don't realize that today's prototypical republican candidate is fiscally to the left of positions held by JFK and FDR. These two were proponents of a larger government, but they never presided over an entitlements system as large as the one being guarded by most republicans today.

Anonymous said...

Christie is not far right, but he's right. And he's solid in his position. That makes him more conservative than say newt gingrich who is rhetorically far right, but does a beeline for the middle on anything specific. Christie is like a rock.