Friday, February 18, 2011

Life in "Progress" City - Cincinnati edition

Cincinnati police aren’t sure why a high school graduate with a steady job was shot and killed Wednesday night while seated in his parked car outside of the apartment complex where he lives.

Mark Mason Jr., 19, was sitting in his vehicle at 3545 Ibsen Ave., between Madison Road and Ridge Avenue, just after 11 p.m. when he was gunned down. Police said he was shot in the head.

A friend, 18, was uninjured as he ducked for cover in the passenger seat. He told police he didn’t see who was shooting.

I get enraged when punks shoot law abiding, taxpaying citizens. But that's life and death in "Progress" City. What I find hilarious is that if this kid were to live in lily white "Redville" where we all cling to our God and guns, he'd be alive today.

None the less, if you are a newspaper extolling the questions of why a seemingly good kid gets shot..............

Don't use a mugshot photo of him in the story.


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