Friday, February 18, 2011

Why I'm a conservative #199

Because last night I was in a local convenience store buying some milk and I had to wait while the guy in front of me buy a bunch of junk food on his food stamp card, then paid for his cigarettes with cash. As we walked out the door, he got into a Ford 500 (probably about five years old) while I got into my 2004 Pontiac Vibe (for the record, I would never buy a GM product. It was my wife's car before we married).

As I drove away I couldn't help but wonder what the hell's wrong with this picture. Then I read this piece of some more people I get to support while driving my piece of shit.

New data from the Ohio Department of Education show the proportion of students getting free and reduced-price school lunches through a federal program has reached a record high.

The proportion of students who get the tax-funded benefit has risen nearly 50 percent in the past five years, and four of every 10 Ohio students are now part of the lunch program for low-income children, The Columbus Dispatch reported Sunday.

Students can qualify for free lunches if their household income is under 130 percent of the 2009 federal poverty level, which means a top income of about $28,600 for a family of four. Families earning up to 185 percent of the poverty level can get reduced prices for student lunches.

Here's a novel idea, you breed 'em you feed 'em.


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