Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Our WTF president

For the president, WTF stands for Winning The Future. For the rest of us who use this as a texting abbreviation, it seems more appropriate.

The more I think about his speech to the chamber, the more I keep thinking WTF!

Doesn't this guy understand that companies don't exist to provide jobs to people. They exist to provide returns to investors. In our economy today, those investors are far and wide.

Most of these investors are pension funds who need returns on their investments so that state and city governments don't need to fund as much.

Some of these investors are 401k holders who are requiring returns on their investments in the hope of retiring soon.

Some are current retirees who have invested in companies and need those funds to live on.

Oh and by the way, Governments are dependent upon a thriving business community, where do you think these governments get their money from?

There is almost no one in this country who isn't dependent on a thriving business community to fund some aspect of their life and it's not limited to employment.

I know the clue phone doesn't ring in Obama's world but he needs to catch this one. We are all dependent upon business making money. The fact that Obama claims he will support US enterprise around the world is laughable.

How about making a trip to the Gulf and standing up for off shore drilling?

How about making a trip to West Virginia and extol the virtues of the coal industry?

Clearly this guy either doesn't have a clue or doesn't care. Probably more importantly, no one in his administration seems to either.

Which still leaves me with a big ole WTF!

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