Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's wrong with women?

In my little "Redville" enclave in Warren County, the talk of the area has been the murder trial of Ryan Widmer.

If you're not familiar with the case, Widmer is accused of drowning his wife of less than a year in a bathtub. His case has been featured on Dateline and is right up there with the Sam Shepherd case from the fifties for it's local notoriety.

His first trial was ruled a mistrial after juror misconduct. The second was ruled a mistrial after a hung jury and now we are on the third.

Here's what I find fascinating. Guys if you're looking to hook up with the ladies you don't need the charisma of a rock band front man, the wealth of Bill Gates, or the looks of Brad Pitt. All you need is a notorious trial where you are accused of MURDERING YOUR WIFE and the ladies will come flocking to you.

Seriously, in this third trial, one of the prosecution witnesses is a woman from Iowa who befriended Widmer after seeing his profile on Dateline and testified that he admitted to killing Sarah.

Not to be outdone, the defense brought a witness from Seattle who befriended Widmer after flying from Seattle to Cincinnati so she could meet him at a bowling fundraiser. She testified that she talked to Widmer minutes before the Iowa babe and that he wasn't drunk when she spoke to him.


Whether you believe in his guilt or not, the guy is still accused of MURDERING HIS WIFE!

Does that not mean anything to women? Geez, the Seattle chick was even married.

What in the hell possesses a woman to hook up with a guy accused of MURDERING HIS WIFE?

I guess I can now understand why I wasn't all that successful in my internet dating days. Instead of putting a successful businesses owner on my profile I should have gone by the alias Drew Peterson, Scott Peterson or O.J. and noted my propensity for loving sharp items and women who can't breathe as turn-ons.

So for you single guys out there looking to hook up, there's your tip of the day.

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