Wednesday, February 09, 2011

This guy's supposed to be smart?

Apparently, someone has the balls to challenge our supreme ruler's intelligence quotient..........

In a article online February 07, 2011 titled, “Why Can’t Obama Do the Math On Jobs?” economist and author John R. Lott, Jr. showed that the oft-reported and widely trumpeted super intelligence of Barack Obama is far off the mark.

Lott reported that in an address to the U. S. Chamber of Commerce on that date, Obama’s message was that the Chamber, concurrently with the business world, has an obligation to start creating jobs; claiming that “the government has done what it needs to do and any failure lies with the private sector.”

What a bunch of crapola, as Archie Bunker would say; Obama saying that the government has done what it needs to do” is exactly backwards. The government has done what has caused the problems of unemployment with its insane fiscal policies forcing gigantic layoffs and terminations of employment in the workforce raising unemployment numbers to historic levels.

And Obama saying “any failure lies with the private sector” is equally fallacious. For the past two years since his inauguration the unemployment numbers have been steadily rising from less than five percent to above ten percent and currently just a tad below that. If he can’t see that, he is more blind and uncomprehending than a third grade student competing in a Mensa exam.

Unemployment is so bad that over 1.5 million Americans have left the workforce since August, according to John Lott in the above referenced article. Ironically, these departures of work seekers from the unemployment rolls work against them as it causes the unemployment percentage numbers to decrease.

What do you expect from a guy who was obviously an affirmative action admittance and a graduate who probably never took a math or Econ 101 course? Of course, we'll never know if any of those things are true since he's never released a transcript.


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Anonymous said...

Unemployment is about 25% within Obama's core supporters. It's about 5% for the rest of us. It will stay that way until Obama takes employers off his public enemies list. I'm tired of fighting it. I'm willing to wait it out (with my good paying job) until the Obama base decides they are tired of waiting for one human being, in the far away land of DC, to fulfill empty promises of a better life through hope, change, higher taxes, and class warfare.