Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Who did she vote for? #901

Meet Stacy Schuler. Why is Stacy in the news.....

Accused Mason teacher Stacy Schuler was released on her own recognizance Tuesday by a judge who sternly warned her to stay away from anyone under the age of 18 and all high schoolers, even if they are 18.

Schuler, 32, of Springboro, was indicted on 16 counts of sexual battery and three counts of serving alcohol to an under-aged person in connection with five male students at Mason High School.

The health and physical education teacher will resign her job at tonight's Mason School Board meeting, said her attorney, Charlie M. Rittgers.

I see that Stacy was a health teacher. I guess all that practice of watching her male students wrap a banana with a condom was just too sexy.

None the less, when Stacy voted in 2008 did she pull the chain for The One or The Maverick?


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Anonymous said...

There was a time when I thought that a female teacher doing it with a male student might be wrong but not exploitative. But having a nephew recently going into high school reminded me how confusing and vulnerable that time is. The thought of my naive teenage nephew in bed with a highly manipulative 32 year old woman makes me ill. That is what has happened here. Probably with many more boys than we know about. She's a predator in every sense.