Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stuff liberals run - education

The good news is that more Ohio sophomores are passing the State's high school proficiency tests.

The percent of local high school sophomores who passed all five sections of the Ohio Graduation Test this year jumped nearly 10 percentage points from last year, according to preliminary results from the Ohio Department of Education.

Of the 16,020 sophomores in Southwest Ohio who took all five parts, 12,032, or 75.1 percent, passed all of them the first time around.

Last year, 16,003 sophomores took all five parts but only 10,385, or 64.9 percent, passed them all.

Let me ask these questions, if 65 percent can pass a high school proficiency test as sophomores, why do we continue to have these kids in school when they've already mastered the basics? Only a liberal would have you pay more for something you already have.

How is it that so many kids are so advanced on their state proficiency tests, yet there's never been more kids in need of remedial training once attending a college?

I'm thinking that the tests are too easy. Yet when I went to the State's web site to take a practice exam, I thought it was pretty challenging. In fact, I've met enough dumbass kids to know that there's no way 65% could pass those sample questions.

So what is it?

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