Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When did competent government become "flaky"

I didn't make much of the Wallace question to Bachmann.

But I wish Bachmann would have answered with this.

Since when did small, limited government become a "flaky" concept?

How is it "flaky" to understand that a government cannot continue to spend trillions more every year than it takes in ad infinitum. We need only look at Portugal, Greece, Italy and Ireland as a current case study.

How is it that because we have great global evidence that Euro government models don't work and that is where this president is leading us, yet I'm the "flaky" one?

Maybe someone can explain to me how it's "flaky" to understand that you don't reduce unemployment by making it more expensive for employers to hire American workers via aggressive NLRB and EPA policies, healthcare reform, etc.

Seriously, a NY Times writer can call out fly over folks as slopy headed but when you look at the condition of Red State finances versus Blue State, who's really the mentally deficient?

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