Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More on Gibson

Here's another article on the Gibson Guitar wood seizure from a writer who seems intent on backing the government's ability to just seize someone's property without cause.

This is the piece most people miss in this story............

This was the second raid on Gibson for the same suspected offense. In late 2009, federal agents raided workshops searching for imported Madagascan ebony. No charges have been filed in connection with that raid either. But this time a frustrated Juszkiewicz came out swinging in his company's defense.

The same "suspected offense"? After two years, this company has had millions of dollars of inventory confiscated by the government yet no charges, not even a statement from the government as to what crime the company is being investigated for. So a writer is now in the business of speculating that Gibson is out there cutting down trees in the Brazilian rain forest.

Now if I were the skeptical type, I would guess that Gibson was singled out because they're not democratic donors like his Taylor and Fender counter parts.

But since the government only does good, I guess I should adopt this writer's slant that Gibson is a lawless guitar operation.


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