Wednesday, September 28, 2011

P1 Gov Chris Christie Gives Keynote Address at Reagan Library

I heard a conservative commentator complain about the conservative love for Chris Christie when he's far from a "pure" conservative.

Let me offer this. Conservatives are longing for someone who is unapologetic for advocating common sense. He provides a loud voice for people who have done well for simply doing what they were told to do from birth.

Is Mitt Romney offering this?

How about Rick Perry? Who believes that your family should be rewarded for breaking immigration laws and condemns those who think otherwise as "not having a heart".

This is why the Tea Parties have ascended, this is why Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain resonate among these people (BTW how are all those conservative, knuckle dragging tea party types are more apt to follow a black man and a woman over Polly Purebred white guy?)

So you can cast Christie as not so conservative but give me the chubby guy over the rest of these people any time.

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