Saturday, October 01, 2011

How to make friends and influence people...... the liberal way

Back in the day, when I was a young, handsome undergrad, I was minding my own business having a gyro for lunch when these two PETA yahoos came up to me with a photo of a dog on fire.

The chick then decided to lecture me on how I should be ashamed of eating a poor lamb. After I swallowed, I looked at her and said "Baaaaaaah. I don't care what cause you two idiots are promoting but your tactics have me opposing everything you stand for".

And it looks like liberals still haven't learned their lessons.............

Police have arrested over 100 protesters after the Occupy Wall Street movement shut down the Brooklyn Bridge for two hours, stranding motorists as thousands of marchers, who have been camping out in the Financial District for weeks, made their way through Lower Manhattan.

The bridge has since been cleared of protesters.

About 100 cars were left stuck as the loud, angry crowd covered the span from end to end in yet another day of demonstrations against high unemployment, bank bailouts and economic uncertainty for the masses.

One irate driver, a Ground Zero construction worker, blasted the pedestrians.

"I work my ass off all day, and these goddamned hippies close down the Brooklyn Bridge so I can't get home?" he said. "This ain't right!"

I'm guessing this guy won't be supporting Obama next year.


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Anonymous said...

I still have no idea what these fumbfucks want. They are angry at "the system". There are 2000 people there and probably 5000 opinions between them on what they are angry about.