Saturday, October 01, 2011

And they still think they're still smarter

Have you ever wondered how it is that people generally get more conservative as they get older?

Maybe experience in the real world has something to do with it.

You see, with age and observation, you learn that some things just don't work.

For instance, when I was about 10, it took me probably about a dozen attempts to realize that trying to take my pants off with my shoes on wasn't as fast as taking the shoes off first.

When I was eighteen, I learned that if you drink 20 beers, roughly 20 and a half will be coming back.

When I was 23, I learned that six speeding tickets in six months means that you need to slow down.

And when I was about 28, I realized that liberal politics kills every quality of life you can measure.

Seriously, take any city, county, state, or country dominated by liberals and I'll show you an area with higher unemployment, higher crime, shitty schools, higher taxes, etc. as compared with our areas of "Redville."

And what makes this even more hilarious is that liberals still believe they're smarter than your average conservative when all the evidence shows the opposite.

Here's a video of some people who probably still take their pants off with their shoes still on.......

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Anonymous said...

A liberal is someone who has read Marx and Lenin. A conservative is someone who understands Marx and Lenin.