Friday, May 24, 2013

I like it even more now.

The last time I ate a container of yogurt was about 20 years ago. I must have been starving because I'd rather eat raw sewage than consume that crap.

But my bride, the Lovely Mrs. Gekko, kept on me to try this greek yogurt stuff. The first thought in my head is "yogurt" with "greek" and I'm thinking this crap probably tastes like the insides of human intestines.

None the less, I gave it a shot and it wasn't bad. Now I make my deserts a greek yogurt with some berries and walnuts.

But the taste of this stuff got exponentially better when I found out that your average branch gorevidian hates it...........

Good for your body; terrible for the planet

Greek yogurt has seen an astronomical growth in sales over the past half decade — but it may be taking an unexpected toll on the environment.

While it takes one cup of milk to produce one cup of traditional yogurt, it takes at least three cups of milk to produce a single cup of the thicker, healthier Greek variety.

That's because Greek yogurt is a "strained" version of the dairy product, meaning it's been stripped of whey, a watery byproduct. All that excess whey — known as "acid whey" because of its high level of acidity — isn't necessarily dangerous in itself. However, it's incredibly difficult to dispose of because simply dumping it could lead to serious consequences.

Thank you sir can I have another?


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