Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why you should be armed

I was never a big gun guy. It wasn't until hurricane Ike hit Ohio, when so many of our friends and family were without power for over a week, that I decided I would have our home be the base of all things emergency related.

So I bought a generator, extra propane tanks, and guns. I now have nine and counting.

Why the guns? Because people should have everything at their disposal to blow away anybody who would do this................

A number of heartless looters have emerged amid the tragedy of the deadly Oklahoma tornado, storming a storm-damaged hospital facility and helping themselves to various items, a report claims.

Reports of looting came in as Moore, one of the hardest-hit towns in the storm, deals with the loss of more than 51 people who have been confirmed dead, and another 120 injured.

The vandals were spotted at the Moore Medical Center, a small facility that sustained damage in the twister.

It was a location that was hit hard by the twister, and where rescuers sprung into action to get 15 workers out of the building.

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