Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reality check

These guys from the local Fox affiliate better watch their phone records............

The claim that the ongoing IRS scandal is limited to low level employees is falling apart.

The six Cincinnati workers we have identified, who sent scrutinizing letters to conservative groups with words including "patriot, liberty, tea party or 9-12" in their names are Mitchel Steele, Carly Young, Joseph Herr, Stephen Seok, Liz Hofacre and a woman identified only as Ms. Richards. 

But was all of this done at the hands of a small group of Cincinnati employees working together?  

During Friday's congressional hearing, that appeared to be the theme.  Now, that explanation just became less likely. 

Thanks to two FOX19 sources connected to the IRS, we now understand the chain of command for these workers. 

Mitchel Steele, Carly Young, Joseph Herr and Liz Hofacre are IRS agents.  Stephen Seok is a supervisor IRS agent. 

But according to the IRS employee directory that FOX19 has obtained exclusively, each of these agents has a different manager and then above them a different territory manager.

A good investigative piece. Something missing from today's journalism.

Read the whole thing

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