Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm still a liberal........ even in the face of its failings

Seriously, how is it that liberals can claim to be the smartest on the political spectrum.

Take this item from Joe Klein..............

The Democratic candidates for mayor in New York are campaigning to win the support of the teachers union. They threaten to return the city to the horrors of the David Dinkins era. 
Back at the turn of the 1990s, New York City was a mess. Crime was rampant. The schools were dreadful. Children in foster care were brutalized because–as the head of the Child Welfare Agency said–”oversight is racist.” The mayor was an incompetent.
And, above all, the city was run for the benefit of its employees rather than its citizens.
What followed was 20 years of governance by moderate Republicans, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg. Crime is now at an historic low. The city is booming. There have been improvements in the schools, especially for those who’ve been lucky enough to attend a string of brilliant charter schools in poor neighborhoods like Harlem. The public employees unions still remain the major power brokers in the city, but they’ve been held in check.

So Joe Klein can see what democrats have done to the city of New York and yet still support liberal policies that created the shit hole that it took republicans to clean up.
I'd bet my life savings this guy would think he's so much smarter than Sarah Palin. But is he? Even a "dumb" conservative knows not to beat his own head with a hammer.

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