Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dear President-Elect Obama

Dear President-Elect Obama

From the video above, I’m clear that you will make sure that we need not worry about our home mortgage payments anymore.

But what about my car being repossessed?

See, my wife and I went to a Lexus dealership about two years ago. The salesman there allowed us to test drive one of their top of the line SUV’s which he should have known we couldn’t afford. None the less, we got in the car and, let me tell you, the smell of that new car, the fine Corinthian leather, and butt warmer seats was too intoxicating for us to handle.

The next thing we know we’re being preyed upon by one of those predatory lenders, who strapped us into a $1,501.00 a month car payment for the next 60 months.

After making payments for year or so, we have found ourselves getting behind on the payments. So much so, the predatory lender is threatening to repossess our car.

Fortunately for us, we we’re forced to move out of $350,000 home due to foreclosure so the repossession guys are having a hard time finding us.

So we’re asking you to help our middle class family who makes only $60,000 a year to help us keep our car.

It looks like you are into bailing out the US automakers; the shareholders, the workers, the vendors. But what about the poor schleps who bought their cars? The poor people who are now locked into horrible loans because we couldn’t resist the smell of those cinnamon rolls in the car dealership.

Will I be able to say on a youtube video in a couple of months that I’ll never have to worry about a car payment ever again?

Please help us, we have our eyes on a nice BMW and we’d like to ask them to deliver it soon.


Over extended Yuppies


rt. said...

Dear OeY (aka Lucky Dogs),
We have foolishly paid off our mortgage a couple years ago. The old cars are paid off, too. So it looks like I am out of luck for getting my piece of the pie.

Do you have any advice for irresponsible behavior we could take? I want to get in on the action. The weather is turning cold and it sure would be nice to get a week in the Caribbean on the taxpayers dime. He'd pay for that, right?

Satirically yours,

gordon gekko said...


You have this all wrong. See the irresponsible ding dongs think you have too much. You get no paid vacation paid by the government.

You are an evil capitalist.

Therefore, you get to pay for their cigarettes.