Saturday, November 15, 2008

When liberals figure things out.

Don't you love it when liberals figure out something that conservatives have been telling them for years.

Take this TNR piece on one John Edwards

Here's the thing: other than serving one term in the Senate (much of which was spent running for the White House) and two unsuccessful presidential campaigns, what has Edwards really done to warrant a national platform? I mean, even put aside the whole adultery thing; Edwards hasn't exactly accomplished all that much to warrant the prominent place in national life he clearly desires.

First, did they forget to mention his beautiful mane of hair intentionally?

Second, it seems to me that he has more experience than one Messiah; one senate term, one bid for the presidency.

Maybe some day the liberals will listen to us before it's too late.

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Right Runner said...

Liberals listen? Gordon have you been hitting the sauce early this morning?