Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Democrats masquerading as conservatives

How do you know that liberal policies suck? Because you won't see anyone on the campaign trail making the business case for any of these "progressive" policies.

In fact, Mark Penn has advice for congressional democrats..... Campaign as conservatives.......

1. Extend the tax cuts a year until global tax reform can be conceived and passed.

2. Offer to consider changes in healthcare reform. Reform continues to be unpopular.

4. Draw a line in the sand on the deficit.

Or how about this laugher......

It goes without saying that the president also has to convince the voters he will focus on jobs and unemployment.....

Now of course, Penn doesn't think liberals should actually act on any of these......... just talk them up.

But here is my question for Penn and the other advisors. Why should any voter believe the democrats are willing to change anything related to health care. Many of us remember. These were the douchebags that passed this unpopular crap in the first place.

Here's an idea. Why don't they go out and remind us how all these laws they passed will turn our country into a juggernaut. They can take full credit for all of them since the GOP had not one voter on any of them.


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