Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Those damn republicans

Obstructing the House democrats from going on vacation...............
House Democrats on Wednesday barely won a 210-209 vote to adjourn the House without extending the Bush tax cuts.

Thirty-nine House Democrats voted against adjournment after Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) urged opposition to the motion in a floor speech that said it would be irresponsible for Congress to leave without providing certainty on the tax issue. Dozens of Democrats in tough races voted against adjourning.

"Vote no on this adjournment resolution. Give Congress a chance to vote on extending tax rates," Boehner said.

Boehner's floor speech turned the vote on adjournment into a referendum on the tax cuts, which has divided Democrats for months. President Obama wants to extend tax cuts for families making less than $250,000, while allowing taxes to rise on income above that threshold. Many centrist Democrats have joined Republicans in arguing for extending all of the tax cuts.

Fortunately for the democrats, they were able to put together a strong enough coalition to thwart the republicans repeated attempts at adjournment.


Not that I'm looking to help democrats but this is really a bad move politically. The dems could have voted on the Bush tax cuts for everyone but those "rich people over $250,000" and put the whole issue at the feet of the GOP. If the GOP voted it down because of the "rich people tax cuts" it really would have given democrats an issue to beat the GOP up with.

Now the GOP gets to hammer them with the issue until the election.

Nice job Nancy. Start packing your office. Keep the ash trays on the desk when you leave.

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