Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Voting conundrum

I just received my absentee ballot from Hamilton County. Nearly every vote is a slam dunk.

However, I'm not sure what to do about one Mike Dewine for Ohio Attorney General. Years ago, I promised that I would never vote for that scumbag as long as I live and I've lived up to that until this year where I now have a choice between two douche bags ( the dems have put up Richard Cordray) and two third party candidates I've never heard of.

It's true voting hell.

What should I do? Vote to keep the democratic a-hole out of the office and put the GOP insider in? Or vote third party which is basically a vote for Cordray?

Remember Dewine doesn't even rise to the level of "hold your nose while voting"; he's worse than that.


Whatever I do, I plan to drop my ballot off in a mailbox in "Progress" City. Why? Because I fear the postal workers in my special place in "Redville" won't hesitate to "accidentally" toss my ballot underneath a machine.


Anonymous said...

Tea party endorses Owens. I say conservatives need to do everything in their power to get rid of Dewine and his son once and for all. They are only conservative on the campaign trail. At all other times, when they aren't leaving their pregnant wife, they are holding hands with lefties.

The republican party needs to understand they can't just ram RINOs down our throat at will. If allowing a "D" to win is the only way to get the message across for their attentiveness in future elections, I say it's worth it.;jsessionid=C16A0594BA376DAD8E3C0C0D222039D9?contentguid=vbwUUF02

Anonymous said...

I swore I would never vote for the comb over (Chabot).
I have no choice.
Reader Tim

Marc Allan Feldman MD MHS said...

If the Democrats and Republicans are not running a candidate that you can support then you should do what I did and run for office.

If you don't have the time and courage to put your name out there as a citizen running for office, then consider voting for one.

If you are a Christian values, Pro-Life Conservative, consider Mr. Owens.

If you believe in smaller government, individual freedom, private property rights, and that government should not make decisions for women, or tell consenting adults who they can marry, consider voting for me.

Attorney General candidate interviews sponsored by the News-Herald and Lakeland Community College took place on August 12, 2010. Marc Allan Feldman (L), Richard Cordray (D), Robert M. Owens (C), and Mike DeWine(R) share their views. See the entire interview on YouTube at:

Marc Allan Feldman
Candidate, Ohio Attorney General (L)