Monday, September 27, 2010

Waiting for Superman Official Trailer

Several years ago, I dated a fabulously liberal woman. Our relationship was serious enough that we had discussions about children and their education.

Since both of us lived in Cincinnati Public School system, I just matter of factly assumed we would send our children to the catholic schools in the area.


Her response..... "you know I believe in public schools".

Me - You would send your kids to CPS schools?

Her - No, I would probably move out to Sycamore or Lakota schools.

Me - Isn't that so liberal of you. You get a choice because your affluent enough to move out to Redville and use their schools. But you have no problem blocking choice for those who don't have your affluence?

Needless to say, the relationship didn't work out. See I believe in offering poor people a choice for their kids. My liberal lady friend had no problem subjecting the least of us to generational poverty while she eats from the trough of abundance. It's the liberals way of saying "can't get ahead? Tough shit!"

Maybe she'll learn something from this movie.

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