Monday, September 27, 2010

Where have you heard this before?

What was that Lollapelosi said about health care "we'll have to pass it before we'll know what's in it."

Yeah, apparently it's like opening a bag with a spoiled Limburger cheese and onion sandwich......

A new report from consultant and plan manager Hewitt Associates shows that out-of-pocket costs here, including premiums and co-payments, are 25 percent more than the national average, which will increase to $2,177 next year from $1,934 this year.

Hewitt said next year's health care out-of-pocket payments will increase 12.4 percent nationally, the highest level in five years, mostly because of the impending health-care reform law. In the last decade, total health-care premiums have more than doubled and the employee's share has more than tripled.

Companies are seeing similar trends, with total premium payments - both the employer and employee portions - projected to increase 8.7 percent to $10,272 next year, Hewitt said.

The accelerated increase comes from health-care reform, with many mandates taking effect last week. Some insurers have said the law could add up to 5 percent to costs next year in this region.


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