Thursday, October 07, 2010

Life in "Progress" City - Harrisburg edition

From the PA capitol............

Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, dodged financial disaster last month by getting money from the state to make a payment to its bondholders.

It did so even though the state warned that the money had to be used for city workers’ pensions.

Now Harrisburg is calling on the state again. On Friday, the city said it could not meet its next payroll without money from the state’s distressed cities program.

Across the country, a growing number of towns, cities and other local governments are seeking refuge in similar havens that many states provide as alternatives to federal bankruptcy court. Pennsylvania will have 20 cities and smaller communities in its distressed-cities program if Harrisburg receives approval. Michigan has 37 in its program; New Jersey has seven; Illinois, Rhode Island and California each have at least one. This is on top of troubled housing, power and hospital authorities.

Seriously, I keep hearing this liberal tripe about how they'll use science to govern. If that's the case, how can these clowns ignore the scientific evidence that liberalism doesn't work?

The states noted above not one of them even has a shade of red. These are the most blue states in the country and also the most bankrupt. It isn't just some anecdotal evidence it's about as close to scientific law that you can get...... Go Blue, Go Bankrupt.

Bankrupting your municipality or state?

Now that's "Progressive"!


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