Monday, October 04, 2010

The need to purge RINO's

One of the great debates this campaign season is whether or not conservatives should back RINO's or more conservative tea party candidates.

The conventional wisdom is that RINO's are more electable in a general election. But really who needs democrats when you have RINO's like this...........

Anyone listening with eyes closed could easily think that Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, is working at the headquarters of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Sam Granato, advising him in a loud, clear voice how to win crossover GOP votes.

It isn’t actually the senator. It is his soundalike son and recent campaign manager, Jim Bennett.

“I get that all the time,” the younger Bennett says about how much he sounds like his father. He is now a paid Granato aide working as a communications adviser.

That’s an unexpected post for a lifelong Republican, not to mention one whose father and grandfather (former Sen. Wallace Bennett) were GOP senators for Utah. But maybe it is not so surprising for someone upset that his father was depicted by other GOP candidates as not conservative enough for Utah.

He says he is supporting Granato now because “he lines up well with the mainstream in Utah, and actually with the mainstream in the Utah Republican Party. Sam is practical. He is willing to reach across party lines for real solutions.”

My thoughts. Good riddance to Bennett and his d-bag son. It's obvious that it isn't about a stand on principle for them........... unless you call your own self interest a principle.


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