Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who will they vote for? #18819

Meet the Quaids, Randy and Evi.

You may remember Cousin Eddie from the Vacation movies.

Why are they in the news today?

Randy Quaid and his wife are still creating a buzz in Vancouver where they were picked up by police on outstanding warrants in the U.S.

A shopworker in the upscale neighbourhood where the Quaids were arrested says the Hollywood couple made quite a scene on Friday.

Debbie Pfeifer says she initially had no idea who the bearded man police questioned for two hours was.

It was of course Quaid, who was picked up with his wife after the couple reportedly tried to get a mortgage at a nearby bank.

Pfeifer says several plain-clothes officers stood by as Quaid spoke with a man believed to be his lawyer, while his wife Evi “popped in and out of a police car.”

The Quaids are wanted in California on charges they vandalized a home they once owned.

They’re seeking refugee status in Canada, claiming they need asylum from so called “Hollywood star-whackers.”

Seriously, they may be the first actors to leave the country when republicans take over the House.

It appears that their last known address was California. So will they cast their senatorial votes for Barbara Boxer or Carli Fiorina?


By the way Cousin Eddie, the reason Heath, Chris and David are dead is because they were all drug addicted freaks, which is why they were probably liberal.

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