Monday, November 29, 2010

Random thoughts

I've started watching my old X-Files DVD's and one thing that has me scratching my head. If you are a conspiracy theorist, how is it that a government who can stage the Kennedy assassination, 9/11, United 800 etc. can't seem to make a lunatic in Switzerland disappear? Where the hell is Jason Bourne or Valerie Plame?

By the way, isn't it kind of funny that the people who view the west as a bigger threat to the world than your garden variety communist country are never willing to pull this stunt on, say Vladamir Putin?

Maybe it's because they don't like the prospects of drinking radioactive milkshakes

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Anonymous said...

Wikileaks is lucky they are only sharing top secret military documents. If he was sharing something that this administration truly values, like a Barbara Streisand MP3, the choppers would have landed and he'd be in cuffs by now.