Saturday, December 04, 2010

McCaskill Talk Tax Cuts

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Anonymous said...

First, I don't qualify as the "above-$200,000" crowd, but I'm against raising taxes on anyone. Not because the rich can't afford it, but because I know that a tax increase on the wealthy will, as everything else does, eventually hit the middle class harder.

Second, guess what? Taxes have already been raised on those who have gotten richer. For example, it was not widely reported, but US corporate profits hit a record high last quarter. So guess what? As a percentage of profits, corparate tax revenues hit a record. Aren't higher revuenues a good thing? Not if your a democrat. No, the federal government socking it to the job creators is the goal. Making others (who didn't donate to your campaign) feel pain is the goal. You will not hear that corporate tax revenues hit a record, because this does not fit the narrative. Higher rates are the only goal. Even if revenues tax revenues drop. In fact, higher tax revenues are a bad thing for democrats because that means people are making a decent income on their own, which is like holding cross up to dracula.

Third, the potential additional revenue that the democrats' soak-the-job-creators-plan amounts to $70B a year. While that's a lot of money, it is less than 5% of the $1.5 trillion deficit!!! How about we figure out how to eliminate the other 95% of the deficit first? If we get that far, I would concede a tax increase to get us the rest of the last 5%, even though it will hurt everyone. I'd do so to make the dems happy.

Why is the only answer for every damn democrat, "Tax the rich!" It's lazy and it doesn't solve a damn thing.