Friday, December 03, 2010

Meetings - the fuel for nothing

On this blog, I've expressed my displeasure of meetings several times. The only thing I ever experienced in a meeting was the need to have more meetings.

It was one of the driving forces for me to get out of corporate America.

Apparently, I'm not alone.............

Almost everyone I know or meet, when asked, does not hesitate to assert that he or she hates meetings. There are a vast number of jokes about the wearisome and useless nature of meetings in business, in faculty boards and education, in government, and in nonprofit organizations.

And that's why so few citizens wish to run for political office -- because they rightly recognize that the bulk of a politician's life is spent in meetings over the minutiae of how many parts per billion of ozone molecules can safely reside in a glass of water or lungful of air.

The jist of the article is that successful politicians love meetings. I would agree with the premise of this but for a different reason. See, your average politician loves meetings because 1) it means recess from actually doing something tangible 2) after a problem solving meeting ends with a solution being to have more meetings politicians get to slap each other on the back so they can pretend that something real was actually accomplished even though nothing was.

Look at UN meetings regarding Darfur. These clowns have been having meeting for years and yet somewhere no meeting has resulted in the parties actually stopping the starvation there.

So if Obama hates meetings. In my mind, it's because even the dimmest of bulbs understands that your average meeting is nothing more than a giant circle jerk.


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Anonymous said...

The constitution was designed to make government into one big meeting. "Checks and balances" can be translated into "meetings and meetings". I think the framers figured the government couldn't oppress the people if they were stuck in meetings all day.

Only in recent decades have the politicians figured a way around this. "Lets agree to disagree. I won't check your spending if you don't balance mine. We can print money to pay for everything. Now let's get out if this meeting and hit the links."

Basically we have $14 trillion in debt because printing money is an easy way for the politicians to get out of meetings.