Sunday, August 12, 2012

Liberalism is a religion

Like most political junkies, I listened, read and watched the talking heads' opinions of Paul Ryan as Romney's running mate.

During my reads, I caught this from William Saletan................

Ryan is a real fiscal conservative. He isn’t just another Tea-Party ideologue spouting dogma about less government and the magic of free enterprise. He has actually crunched the numbers and laid out long-term budget proposals.  My liberal friends point out that Ryan’s plan leaves many details unclear. That’s true. But show me another Republican who has addressed the nation’s fiscal problems as candidly and precisely as Ryan has. He’s got the least detailed budget proposal out there, except for all the others.

Ryan refutes the Democratic Party’s bogus arguments. He knows that our domestic spending trajectory is unsustainable and that liberals who fail to get it under control are leading their constituents over a cliff, just like in Europe. Eventually, you can’t borrow enough money to make good on your promises, and everyone’s screwed. Ryan understands that the longer we ignore the debt crisis and postpone serious budget cuts—the liberal equivalent of denying global warming—the more painful the reckoning will be. There’s nothing compassionate about that kind of irresponsibility.

Maybe, like me, you were raised in a liberal household. You don’t agree with conservative ideas on social or foreign policy. But this is why God made Republicans: to force a reality check when Democrats overpromise and overspend.

So let me make sure I've got this right. Because he was born into a liberal family, he can't agree with conservative principals? It's like he was born Catholic or Methodist.

I was born into a liberal household. I remember every quarter, reading the Teamsters magazine. But after a lot of critical thought, but more importantly, critical questions that liberalism cannot answer, I became a conservative. For some reason, I was able to flee the liberal plantation.

This guy actually likes Ryan and the stand he takes against liberal excesses, but fully intends to vote for Obama in November. Seriously?

This is what I find most amusing about liberals. They fancy themselves as the people of critical thinking but in reality this guy could have been born Amish with all of his worldview knowledge.


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