Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chris Rock, American idiot

So Chris Rock is all upset that the presidential election isn't "fair"............

“It’s gonna be interesting to see how mean they can get. It’s getting really, really, really mean. I wish we didn’t have to stoop to this level. I wish they’d made it like a real fight. We watch the Olympics right now, and everything’s fair. So I wish both guys could only spend the exact same amount of money, and let the best man win.”

First, where was all this concern four years ago.
Second, He could even out the unfairness by kicking in some of his millions into a SuperPac. What? doesn't he have enough conviction of his beliefs to throw his money behind.
Finally, the Olympics as the poster child of fairness? WTF? Let's start with the fact that if you're born in this country, you are already ahead of 95% of the world population no matter what the sport is. And the games themselves? I guess he doesn't know who Roy Jones Jr. is? Or the 1972 US men's basketball team? How about Ben Johnson and Marion Jones who stole Olympic glory from others with their steroid use?

Chris Rock, just another American dumb ass with a microphone.

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