Monday, August 13, 2012

Who will she vote for? #1000

Met unidentified a-hole.

Why are she and her comrades in the news.............

Vlad Rudnitsky built a duplex on land that was purchased from a bank that had foreclosed upon Alicia Jackson, the previous owner of the property. After pouring money into the property, developing the property and employing builders, Occupiers began squatting in the furnished home and causing massive property damage in the process.

When Rudnitsky realized there was someone inside the home, he called police. When police entered, they discovered Derek Zika, a 24 year-old Occupier who remained to guard the house. The front of the duplex was covered with a huge banner that read, “Together we are unevictable.” The Occupiers claim that the land was illegally foreclosed on, and that they’re “reclaiming” the duplex to create a community center. The trespassers tore down a fence that had recently been put up, wrecked the furniture that was in the duplex, broke open the lock boxes for the rental property, and when Zika was arrested, he had the necessary hardware to change the locks and lock the actual owner out.

So in the upcoming election will this honey be voting for Obama or Romney?


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