Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympic recap

The Lovely Mrs. Gekko is glad that the Olympics (or the "hey, aren't there more gymnastics we can show" as NBC likes to call it) are over.

Some of my thoughts.

Apparently, some reporter was upset that Lolo Jones got too much undeserved attention because she's attractive and because she's a devout Christian. Geez, she's only the 4th best hurdler in the world. What an attention whore? Why you'd think she was a Kardashian.

But what better way of calling out someone's undeserved attention by giving her........more undeserved attention.

I'll do the writer a favor. I won't draw attention to his undeserved column by linking to it or mentioning his name.


How is it that NBC had all these hundreds of hours of coverage and yet I seemed to see more different sports back in the old ABC days when they just had the one over the air network?

The fact that I know who Teofila Stevenson  and Vasily Alekseyev are and I couldn't name one person in those sports today says it all.


I like to say that I'm an active boycotter of all things NBC but the truth is I haven't had the TV in my mancave tuned to NBC in years because there isn't one show on that network worth watching. When the Olympics started, I had forgot that I had blocked our NBC affiliate on the TV. I took me an hour to figure out how to unblock it.

Seeing all the promo's for this year's shows tells me there's still no reason to tune in. Seriously, I can watch one 30 second promo and tell that a show stinks and yet so called professionals can't figure it out?


Nice to see someone drug George Michael out of rehab or maybe Dr. Drew was on vacation.


I don't know what I will do to annoy Mrs. Gekko after the games are over. Singing that Human League song over and over was getting it done.


Naomi Campbell was in the house. I'm sure she was just there to return those blood diamonds to the Liberian athletes.


Great to see the American distance runners do well. It got to the point that if an East African didn't take all the medals, it was an upset.


NBC did a feature on a gay Australian diver who "came out". It's funny, I couldn't care less who he sleeps with and here's a partial list of other athletes who I don't care who they sleep with. Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay (get it?), Hope Solo, Serena Williams, Missy Franklin among others.

For a group of people who insist on people "keeping out of their bedrooms" they sure seem hell bent on making sure we know what happens in theirs. I'm still a huge fan of the "I'm not askin', thank you for not tellin'" rule of sexuality.......... Especially when I'm watching a diving competition.


At first I wasn't a fan of Oscar Pistorius in the games. In my mind, they have the para olympic games  for people with disabilities. My main fear was that as technology improves I can see a future where it might be to someone's advantage to cut off their legs for a competitive advantage.

If you think I'm an idiot you need look no further than Octomom to prove my point.

However, seeing him run was inspiring and an great addition to the games.


Was that Michael Phelps in the closing ceremony holding a bong in one hand and a Subway footlong in the other?


Every Olympics, I seem to take a particular interest in a certain sport. This time it was volleyball..... real volleyball..... not that beach crap. Did you see that 7'2" Russian? There's no way in hell I'm going to get my face in the way of one of his kill shots.


Speaking of beach volleyball. My wife was surprised that I wasn't into checking out women in bikini's.In my opinion beach volleyball is a sport resigned to people who can't compete in the real sport. These are the other sports in that category, rhythmic gymnastics, handball, synchronized anything.


Finally, I still hold the belief that if you have to judge it, it's not a sport. Mrs. Gekko always drops the "but it's hard". So is touching my nose with my tongue and that's closer to being sport if you time it or measure it, not if you judge it.

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