Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I learned during tax season

Now that tax season is over and I've cleaned up some of the fallout, let me share some notes from what I observed during my practice........

1) Tax preparers have slowly become quasi government social workers. Helping the derelicts of society fill out their welfare applications for big bucks (see earned income credit and american opportunity credit)

2) As a result of these credits which exist for simply existing, we are now surprised there's rampant fraud in the system?

3) Our office did four tax returns for deceased people, each one of those clients have had problems with identity theft.

4) The more the government tries to attack wealth in this country, the more it does nothing but hurt hard working Americans. This year I did more tax returns with W-2 in excess of $1 million than ever (4). I also did more tax returns for people on unemployment.

5) For those who are chronically unemployed, good luck trying to get a decent job.

6) The clients of my small little office in the middle of nowhereville paid in excess of nine million in federal income taxes alone. Think about the amount of money when you extrapolate that across the country.

7) To call our current system of revenue generation an income tax is stupidity in the first order. A person making $60,000 a year may pay as much as $15,000 in federal income tax or as little as zero, nada, nothing. The Romans had more "fair" standard of taxation.

8) If these guys "simplify" the tax code any further, I'll be a freakin' millionaire a couple of times over.

9) I'm glad it's over.

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