Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Let's give more of these people amnesty..............

as more tax fraud continues........................

When a woman named Veronica tried to cash a federal income tax refund check for $8,113 April 5 at a Sampson County check-cashing business, instead of a handful of cash she was greeted by members of the Sampson County sheriff’s office who suspected that her tax refund was the result of a fraudulent tax return.

Deputies were acting on a tip that the IRS had issued the check to Veronica, who had used a fictitious identity and reported fictitious earnings on her individual income tax return. Carolina Journal independently confirmed that her refund claim was fraudulent.

They detained Veronica, seized the check, which had been issued March 22, and made a copy of the tax return and a driver’s license from Honduras that she used at the check cashing business to establish her identity.

The same day, deputies discovered that four men were attempting a similar scheme, cashing IRS refund checks using phony identities. Altogether, deputies intercepted five IRS checks totaling $34,380. Veronica and the four men had documents showing them to be from Honduras.

But on the bright side, at least she isn't getting welfare money to plant bombs at a marathon.


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